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Newsletters are documents (usually done in printed format by a newsletter printing service) distributed regularly by a business or non-profit agency to keep its readers or subscribers informed about topics or services of interest related to the organization.  Printing newsletters for distribution offers many advantages over email type newsletters, with the most important being that the printed copies of the newsletter can be read by as many as people that come in contact with it rather than just the recipient of an email type newsletter service.  Also email newsletter services tend to be "out of site out of mind" once initially read, as they are lost in a person's inbox, deleted or even worse never get read or caught by spam or junk folders.  These are valid concrete reasons why you should print your newsletter with a professional printing service and distribute them to your readers.

Our printing service can print your newsletters in color or in black and white.  We also offer custom 2 spot color printing servcies as well.  While we offer a good selection of standard papers online for custom newsletter printing, we also can custom print your newsletters on any paper available to us by our paper suppliers, unlike many of our online and local competitiors who will only give you a few select options of certain papers to choose from to print your newsletters on.

We not only offer newsletter printing services, but we also offer mailing services as well to get the printed newsletters to your readers.  When you order your printing of newsletters you can also supply us with an address list of your recipients and we can address and mail your newsletters for you for an addiitonal charge.  Basically, for most newsletters we charge a small setup fee for the data file or address list to get the list prepared for the mailing, which includes checking all the addresses to make sure they are correct and current (CASS and NCOA Certification), removing duplicate addresses to save on wasted printing and postage, adding barcode information to get you the best postage rates possible, sort and tray to USPS regulations, delivery to a commercial USPS facility for mailing the finished printed newsletters and much more.  The setup fee and setup process is required as have to take your file and set it up to work with our mailing services system.  We also charge to inkjet print the name and address along with barcoding information onto each printed piece.  Oh, and you don't need to spend a lot of money on aquiring your own postal permit through the post office if you want us to do the mailing, you get the cost savings benefit of using our postal permit indicia for your printed newsletters.

Additionally, depending on the design of your newsletters, you many need to order printed envelopes for us to stuff your newsletters in for mailing, or if it is designed as a self mailer you need to add tabbing services to hold the folded newsletter together, a requirement of the USPS so the newsletters properly feed throught the post office machines without tearing or jamming.

Postage is a totally separate charge from the printing of the newsletters, folding, tabbing or envelope printing and stuffing, and inkjet addressing.  The postage cost is determined by total finished quantity, the method of Postage (First Class, Standard, Non-profit, etc.) before it goes to the post office and all printing fees, mailling fees and postage must be paid for BEFORE we deliver the newsletters to the post office for mailing.

If you would like more information on newsletter printing or mailing services you can call us for a custom newsletters estimate or quote.

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