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How Carbonless Forms Work

How carbonless forms work:

The paper that carbonless forms are printed on is specially coated so that when pen pressure is applied to the carbonless forms the image is duplicated by the contact of special chemical coatings under pressure.  Most carbonless forms whether printed in 2, 3 or 4 parts can be printed in a standard sequence (known as pre-collated carbonless forms).  For example a 2 part carbonless form is generally printed white then yellow continuously throughout the printing run, because the paper comes already pre-collated from the carbonless forms manufacturer or paper mill. Once the job is printed the pre-collated papers are jogged perfectly and a glue (know as fan-a part carbonless glue) is applied to one edge of the form when stacked.  Once the glue is dried the carbonless forms are fanned apart, and the coating applied at the paper mill when the carbonless forms are manufactured keeps the white and yellow copies in tact as a single form but also allows the forms to separate from one another.

Some specialty carbonless forms, which require unusual sequences of paper or printing that varies from on copy of the carbonless form to the next are individually printed then collated together after each page of the carbonless form or carbonless set.  Because this type of carbonless forms require each part or sheet of the form to be printed individually it is generally more expensive than pre-collated carbonless paper printing due to the fact it requires the additional labor of putting the forms together or collating the carbonless forms after printing rather than using a pre-collated carbonless form where all copies print exactly the same and post printing labor is minimized by simply jogging, stacking and gluing the forms.

We are an American Owned and Operated carbonless forms printing company.  We will never sell you a carbonless form printed in China or anywhere else but right from our own in house printing facility.


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