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Print Microsoft Publisher Files




If you have tried to take your own Microsoft Publisher files to a copy shop, print shop or commercial printing company and they did not want to print your files then you have come to the right place. We welcome customer created Microsoft Publisher files using our guidelines on this page. If you need further assistance, please call us at 678-859-7075 for more information.

What is Microsoft Publisher? Microsoft Publisher is an in-expensive software program available at most computer software retailers and office supply stores which allows the user to create their own layouts for business cards, brochures, forms and many other items for very high quality, professional looking documents for both desktop printing and commercial printing.

How do I use it? It is very easy to use, compared to other professional graphic design program, yet you can achieve very high quality, professional looking results. There are easy to use tutorial and wizards within the program to assist you with design and layout including a very large selection of templates. Below we offer suggestions on how to properly set up documents to submit to us for trouble free printing.

Layouts Sizes - here are a few standard layout sizes to start with, and most of these can be found under templates in Microsoft Publisher. Enter the dimension under File>Page Setup. Call us for other layout dimensions and custom printing help.

Layout Description

Width x Height

Business Cards

3½"x2" or 2"x3½"



Envelopes (standard #10)


Post Card


Tabloid Sheet

11"x17" or 17"x11"

Tri-fold Brochure


Color Printing - Desktop printers usually use RGB to print with. Our printing processes are different and require either spot color printing or CMYK printing.

In your Microsoft Publisher Program go to: Tools>Commercial Printing Tools>Color Printing
A box will appear with several options illustrated below:

Microsoft Publisher File Preparation for Discount Printing Service

The first option is for any color RGB, which is used for printing directly to a printer from your desktop, DO NOT USE THIS OPTION IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE A COMMERCIAL PRINTING COMPANY.

The second option Single Color and the third option Spot Colors is used for spot color printing. Use this option if you are only printing 1 or more ink colors such as black or blue or green, etc. You can then click on the default color and change it to another color. To do so we recommend you use the Pantone Spot Color Swatches for selecting the closet Pantone Match Color to the color you wish to print.

The 2 illustrations below show this, first selecting Single Color or Spot Colors and then changing colors:
Microsoft Publisher file preparation for commercial printing at Discount Printing Service step 1Microsoft Publisher file preparation for commercial printing step 2

Illustration below shows selecting Pantone Spot Colors:

Step 3 Tutorial:  Choosing Pantone Spot Colors in Microsoft Publisher

Finally, you will select the Spot Color which is usually identified with a color name or Pantone number like
Reflex Blue or 185 (RED). Repeat these steps for each spot color in your printed document:

Pantone spot color usage in Microsoft Publisher files for commercial offset printing


The last options are for CMYK which are used in FULL COLOR PRINTING, particularly with full color photographs or graphics.

CMYK color usage in Microsoft Publisher files

Call us for more detailed assistance with this method.

The above step for correct color method usage for our printing process is one of the most important setting for correctly setting up your files for commercial printing. The next step is just as important and MUST be done on all jobs taken to a commercial printing company to prevent undesired results such as missing or substituted fonts or graphics.

When you are happy with the layout of your document, proof read it very carefully for any mistakes. If you submit us a file, we print it just like you send it to us, so if you miss spell a word, or have a phone number wrong it is your responsibility to proof and correct it prior to sending us your files for printing. Any job that requires re-printing due to a customer error in design, spelling, etc., will require the customer to purchase the job again if you require it to be reprinted (at your expense). Once you are confident your document is correct, then you need to follow these steps to ensure your job prints correctly.

Go to File>Pack and Go>Take to a Commercial Printing Service
Saving Microsoft Publisher Files for Commercial Printing

Then click Next:


Next, select a location on your computer, such as My Documents, to save the file to as shown below, so you will know where the files are:

Select all 3 boxes as shown below:
Pack and Go Wizard for commercial printing in Microsoft Publisher 2003

Then click NEXT and then FINISH. You will then have 3 new files:

We don't need the original file which will look something like Publication.pub but you can send it to us if you like.

The 3 above files highlighted in red are the files you send to the commercial printing company. You can email these to us, burn them to a CD or Floppy or FTP them to us. If you follow these easy steps, you will have much greater results in using Microsoft Publisher files when taken to a commercial printing company such as ours. If you have any questions please give us a call at 678-859-7075 and we will be glad to help you and can give you a quote over the phone as to how much it will cost to print your Microsoft Publisher files.

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