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Color Copies - 8-1/2 x 11 - Single Sided

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* One time charges may apply

How to Order Discount Color Copies and Printing Services Online
Single sided color copies on your choice of 8½x11 (letter size) copy papers.  Enter your total number of color copies (# sets/copies x # pages per set) in the quantity box next to the add to cart button, choose your copy paper, upload your digital file and click add to cart.  Your color copies price will appear after copy service selections are made before you click the add to cart button.  If you don't enter the correct number of color copies we reserve the right to cancel your order or only copy or print what you actually ordered even if your file contains additional pages, see examples below:

A. You want 100 single sided color copies of your 10 page PDF file:  100 color copies x 10 pages = 1000 total color copies
B. You want 50 single sided color copies of your 1 page PDF file: 50 color copies x 1 page = 50 total color copies
C. You want 50 single sided color copies of your 2 page PDF file: 50 color copies x 2 pages = 100 total color copies

About Color Copies
We produce all color copies on state of the art Konica Minolta digital production copy and printing equipment.  The Konica Minolta machines are capable producing copies at speeds of 50 copies per minute in color and 65 copies per minute in black and white.  In addition to the color copy print engine, an important part of our color copies manufacturing process is the EFI Fiery Controller.  This controller allows us to monitor each color copy order throughout the production process to ensure you get the highest quality color copies possible.  It also allows us advanced features for digital printing and color copy control such as color profiles and spot color matching so your colors look the way they were intended to when designed.  We also calibrate our equipment to ensure you color copies stay consistent through out the production run no matter how small or how large the color copy order.

Who Buys Our Color Copies?
We sell our color copies to retail end users including individuals, small businesses to large corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and school systems, as well as to printing & color copy brokers and graphic designers.

Color Copy Paper
Color copies can be printed on wide variety of types and brands of color copy paper.  The most economical paper for color copies is #20 white bond.  In addtion to white bond paper, we can also print your color copies on laser, offset (uncoated), gloss text (glossy coated paper), label, carbonless and cover (available in both uncoated and glossy coated finishes).  Color copy offset papers are available in #60 and #70 weights and make great low cost color copies for those who want a better sheet than #20 bond.  Gloss text is available in standard copy print weights of #80 and #100 and makes great color copies for items such as color brochures, sell sheets and flyers.  Label stock and carbonless papers are available for special color copy products such as labels and invoices such as 2, 3 or 4 parts or copies.  Cover papers make a great choice for color copies of things like business cards and postcards when you need a thicker and stiffer copy paper sheet.  There are many brands of color copy papers available by special order or you can choose one of our standard color copy papers such as Lynx, Mohak, Cougar, Excel, NCR, Futura, Sterling, Fasson and many more.

Ink Toner for Color Copies
Color copies are made using 4 primary ink colors or toner which are blended in different percentages to produce a gamut or spectrum of color.  The primary colors used to make color copies are cyan, magenta, yellow and black sometimes referred to as CMYK or process colors.

Color Copies Printing Service Turnaround Times
Most color copies are ready to ship in 24 to 48 hours or sooner, however unusually large or complicated color copy orders may take up to 5 to 7 business days.  Color copy shipping times are in addition to the production times listed here.

Color Copies Warranty Guarantee
We guarantee the quality and workmanship that goes into the color copies we sell, and we warranty against any defective color copies.  Our quality warranty guarantee does not cover design flaws in files submitted by the customer, which includes but is not limited to missing fonts, images, low resolution graphics or images, missing bleeds, incorrect file setup, incorrect color space, incorrect file print dimensions, color builds with a total ink limit exceeding 300%, etc.

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