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Color Copies Specifications:
Paper - Finished Size: 8.5x11
Printing Method: Digital Laser Color
Ink:  CMYK color aka full color
Margin: 1/4" top, bottom, left & right
*Stapling - 50 pages maxiumum for #20 bond paper, 45 pages maximum for #60 paper.  If you need more than the maximum pages stapled we recommend choosing 3 hole punching and slip sheets.  This allows you to place the black & white copies in 3 ring binders.

How to Order Color Copies
(1) Enter your job name for color copies.
(2) Upload your color copies PDF file.
(3) Choose your paper selection from the available choices in the drop down box.
(4) Select printing options; choose from 1 sided or 2 sided in the drop down box.
(5) Select if you want optional hole punching in your color copies.
(6) Select if you want your color copies stapled.
(7) Select if you want optional slip sheets between sets of color copies.
(8) *Enter the number of copies you want in the QUANTITY BOX to the left of the ADD TO CART buton.  (*see notes below)
(9) Click the ADD TO CART button.

*Calculating Your Quantity of Color Copies:
Double check the count of the total number of pages in your PDF digital file.
Multiply the total number of pages in your PDF digital file by the number of copies you want.
Example:  43 page PDF file x 20 copies = 860 total copies; enter 860 in the quantity box

About Discount Color Copies
We produce our discount color copies on state of the art digital production printing equipment.  These machines are capable producing discount color copies at speeds of 90 images per minute.  In addition to the color copy print engine, an important part of our discount color copies printing process is the EFI Fiery Controller.  This controller allows us to monitor your color copies job throughout the production process to ensure you get the highest quality color copies at the best discount possible.  It also allows us advanced features for digital printing and color copies to control color profiles and spot color matching so your color copies look the way they were intended to when designed.  We also calibrate our equipment daily to ensure you discount color copies stay consistent through out the production run no matter how small or how large the color copy order.

Discount Color Copies - Product Uses:
Color copies can be used for marketing flyers, instruction sheets, forms, and nearly any type of communication where color enhances your message to the reader.

Who Buys Our  Discount Color Copies?
We sell our color copies to retail end users including individuals, small businesses,  large corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and school systems, as well as to printing brokers and graphic designers.  Our volume allows you to take advantage of competitve discount prices with every color copy order.

Color Copies - Paper Types
Color copies can be printed on wide variety of types and brands of color copy paper.  We source our papers for color copies based on current paper availability as well as price so we can pass on the savings to you in the form of discount pricing.  The most economical paper for color copies is #20 white bond.  Color copy papers are also available in heavier #60 and #70 weights for better quality color copies at great discount prices.

Turnaround Times for Color Copies
Most color copies are ready to ship in 24 to 48 hours or sooner, however unusually large or complicated orders may take longer. 

Shipping Transit Times for Color Copies
Color copies shipping transit times are in addition to the production times listed here.

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